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  • My outlets suddenly stopped working.
    This may mean you have a GFI receptacle that has tripped. Look for this type of receptacle and press the button in the center to reset all receptacles on this circuit. Remember to look by your sink, behind your fridge, in bathrooms for your GFI receptacles. Sometimes these receptacles are sensitive and trip for no reason or sometimes there is an electrical issue that is causing them to trip, so if you continue having issues, call us to have us investigate the issue.
  • Did you lose power to a certain area of your house that is all listed out on your breaker panelboard on (1) circuit breaker, but it doesn’t look like the breaker has tripped? "
    Sometimes a breaker does what is known as a soft trip where the breaker handle doesn’t fully move to full tripped position even though it has actually tripped. Cycle the breaker completely off for area that is affected and reset it back to on position just to make sure you have addressed any possible soft tripped breakers. Again, if you have a breaker that continues to trip make sure to call us today to investigate what is causing breaker to fail.
  • Are you experiencing flickering lights and partial loss of power to your residence?
    Call your local utility department first. If it is an issue on their side, it can possibly be fixed at no cost to you rather than hiring an electrician first to tell you the issue is something on their side, but still having to pay the electrician for their minimum fee even though they can’t repair anything on your local utility side.
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